Domain transfer and registration:

I need a private domain. Can I hide my information?

Yes, you can mantain privacy. If you’re looking for a company domain please provide your company information and we hide them with our trustee service. If you’re looking for personal domain you don’t need to provide anything, we can provide a nominee under the trustee for you.

In every case you are always the owner of the domain.

How i can transfer and anonimyze my registered domain ?

You will be asked to update the domain admin-c and owner-c before domain tranfer. When Whois info are up to date with the new parameters we proceed to transfer and anonimize your domain.

How to validate domain via email ?

If you’re prompted to validate your domain you will receive an email with a link embedded.  Simply click the link, and domain is validated.

BE CAREFUL: never use an unexistant, inacessible or closed email account.

But if this happen, don’t worry and contact us. We will change the mail associated and validate the domain for you.

I need a private infrastructure over the world. Can you create it ?

Yes, we done plenty for company that need to exchange data with high privacy. We are located on Tier 1 carrier, and can create your private network  from any country of the world to Panama, Honk Kong, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland and Russia.

If you need other destination please contact us.

How can i get the auth code to transfer my domain away from you ?

As soon transfer or registration is completed and fully processed you will get your auth-code. Please keep this mail in a safe place, if you cancel the authcode mail please contact us and we will renew the code for you.  Usually is done in few minutes.


I need invoice for your IT services. It's possible ?

Yes, of course.  We’re a company, every service sold is followed by his invoice. If you don’t get the invoice after 48h from purchase please contact us and give your data, we will check and resend immediatly.

I need to register and login to buy ?

Nope. Since all services are paid in advance we don’t care who you are. We will only use your email address to remind you at the renewal time.

May I register on your site for future shopping ?

No, you can’t.   We only need to know an email address and nothing more. We are not interested on your personal data.

Can i pay with PayPal, Western Union or Escrow ?

Nope.  We only accept  wire-transfer and BitCoins.

Can i pay with another Crypto Currency ?

Almost all crypto-currency can be converted into Bitcoins for free. You can use your preferred crypto-currency with the bitcoin conversion.

What value you apply to Bitcoins ?

Bitcoin value are Real-Time calculated checking the price on, we don’t apply extra fee or spread for the exchange.


I need to ask confidential informations. What's the best way ?

Send an email to us with your PGP public key,  we will reply with an encrypted mail that embed ours. We respect your privacy and no unencrypted mail will follow.

I want to write an email to you, can i trust my actual mail provider?

No, you shouldn’t. We trust ours because we are our mail provider and we’re located on safe datacenter.  If you don’t know exactly the privacy policy and how is managed the mail server logs, simply don’t trust him.

Use the PGP and start with encrypted mails. It’s free.

if you prefer a traditional mail system but secure and with privacy respect contact us, we have a lot of services around the globe for you.

What kind of log are retained on your platform ?

Only the system log to diagnose operating system problems.  There’s no mail log, download log, visitors log, hosting log or others.

if you’re using our hosting solutions and need log for your website or ecommerce please use an external service like Google Analitycs. We will never activate logging.

Wich country run your services ?

If you require a normal service we usually serve it from Netherland or Ireland. If you look for a full Offshore service we use our server located into Switzerland, Malesya, Iceland and Panama.  Sometime for special projects we can also use Mauritius, Honk-Kong and Tor.

How fast are your services ?

Try them and discover by yourself !  🙂

Could you provide a free trial of your services ?

No, it’s not possible. We are here for serious offshore projects, we have no time for curious or kids.

Can I use services behind a Proxy or VPN to keep my privacy ?

Yes, you can fully use services behind proxy or VPN that you trust to keep you safe.

Can I use services behind a Tor connection ?

Yes, of course.  But Tor is also used for other kind of purpose, some exit node can trigger the CloudFlare or DDoS protection.  If this happen, just change your identity and try again.

Can you bruteforce encrypted file or systems ?

Nope, wrong place. We are not interested in this kind of activity.

Can I use your system to send spam mails ?

Absolutly not.  If we find system that generate spam, you will be warned with an email.  If action is not taken into next 2 hours service will be suspendend.

After you will need to contact us to unlock system, to do this you need to prove that your system is clear. If you have the managed service, you don’t need to do anything, we will manage and solve the issue for you.

Can I use system to attack a destination, or be zombie for botnets ?

Absolutly not. You cannot use our services for this kind of scope.

Didn’t find the answer?

Above here we posted the frequently answer and questions and usally are enough. We’re sorry that you didn’t find your answer, but the good news is that we are here for you!

if you want to ask something about our IT services, our trading managed solution or anything else please fill and submit the form. We always  answer with the next two business days.

The only required field is the mail address, we need to know where to reply.

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